Jingu Gaien District Urban Redevelopment Project
Jingu Gaien District Urban Redevelopment Project
Preserving its 100-year history and evolving into a space for enjoying sports and relaxing in greenery.

Point Key points of the redevelopment project

Preservation of “the Four Rows of Ginkgo Trees”

Jingu Gaien District's rich greenery represented by the Four Rows of Ginkgo Trees, a symbol of Jingu Gaien, will be preserved and maintained. At the same time, new woodlands will be developed to create a "green walkway" that runs north-south through the district.

Preservation & Creation of Greenery
Rugby Facility
Rugby Facility
(Courtesy of Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium)
*The plan is still in its planning stage, and is subject to change in the future.
Reconstruction of aging sports facilities

The aging sports facilities standing today are to be replaced in phases and combined with facilities to bring liveliness. Together, they will become a base of international culture and sports for the next 100 years.

Reborn Sports facilities
Open-space development and integration/sophistication of the functions of Aoyama-dori Avenue

Alongside enhancement of walkability within the District through creation of the plazas, green space and other open spaces, the plan will contribute to organization of various events in order to bring more liveliness and to improve disaster prevention as an evacuation site.

Open Space and Liveliness

Outline of plan Large-scale redevelopment project covering total land area of 28.4 ha

It is a large-scale urban redevelopment project aimed to preserve an urban landscape rich in greenery and develop it as a sports center bringing liveliness and excitement.

Current location of facilities
Current location of facilities
After completion
After completion
1Rugby Facility
  • All-weather rugby facility complying with international standards
  • Capability to hold sports other than rugby and other events, to promote sports and to bring liveliness in the area
  • Offices with headquarter features that contribute to enhancing the District's function as a major center of activities
  • Low-rise structure equipped with greenery space and stores on the rooftop and the walls
3The Baseball stadium which is annexed with a hotel
  • Baseball stadium open to all visitors, forming a sports cluster
  • Hotel facility integrated into the stadium to generate lively activity
4Mixed-use bldg. A
  • Futuristic-type office located close to the greenery of the park
  • Commercial space connected to the baseball stadium via the north-south deck to create liveliness of pedestrian flow
5Cultural exchange facility Central Plaza
  • Central plaza capable of adapting to a wide range of activities and contributing to improving walkability in the entire area
  • Cultural exchange facility connected to the square and designed to foster greater exchange
  • Organization of events integrated with adjoining sports facilities
6Mixed-use bldg. B
  • Indoor ballgame facility that can be used for multiple purposes by both professionals and amateurs, as training camp venue, sports club activities and off-season events
  • Service apartments available for medium- to long-term stay during sports events and capable for a wide range of uses
7Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery front lawn area
  • Rebirth of the square and creation of a new space for exchange
  • Adopting the initial design plan, the new vista will show the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery beyond the Four Rows of Ginkgo-lined street

Workflow of replacement of the sports facilities in phases

The project began with the demolition of Jingu No. 2 Stadium in March 2023.
Redevelopment of other facilities to follow later.
Full completion is projected in 2036.

Current location of facilities
Current location of facilities
2028 Demolition of the Jingu No. 2 Stadium→Construction of the Rugby Facility (Phase I)
2028Demolition of the Jingu No. 2 Stadium
→Construction of
the Rugby Facility (Phase I)
2032 Demolition of the Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium→Construction of the Baseball stadium which is annexed with a hotel
2032Demolition of the Prince Chichibu
Memorial Rugby Stadium
→Construction of the Baseball stadium
which is annexed with a hotel
2036 Jingu Stadium demolition works・Central Plaza development
2036Jingu Stadium demolition works
・Central Plaza development

Outline Project overview

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Meiji Jingu (religious corporation)
Japan Sports Council
ITOCHU Corporation
Kita-Aoyama 1-chome and 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, etc.
Principal uses
Rugby stadium, baseball stadium, hotel, office
Service apartments, indoor ballgame facility, shops
and restaurants, cultural exchange facility, and open-air square, etc.
Land area
Approx. 28.4 ha
Start of new structure construction works
2024 (scheduled)
Completion of structures
Full completion: 2036 (scheduled)
*The perspectives and illustrations in this website are conceptual images of the completed project drawn at the planning stage, and are subject to change.